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04 OCTOBER 2018

contour 556 opens Friday

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09 OCTOBER 2018

Public reaction to reach: Distress and delight

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12 OCTOBER 2018

People's Choice Award

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15 OCTOBER 2018

contour 556 forum

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22 OCTOBER 2018

Richard Tipping talk at the National Gallery of Australia

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Canberra Times article by Ron Cerabona

Fiona Hooton + Neil Hobbs
photo by Jamila Toderas

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Art Collector #85
July - Sept 2018

Art Monthly Issue 310
September 2018

Art Almanac
September 2018

Art Monthly Issue 309
August 2018

Vault Art Online

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Arts ACT (online)
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Canberra Times
6 September 2018

Canberra Times
7 September 2018

Visit Canberra (online)
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Events ACT (online)
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Design Canberra Festival (online)
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The ART MUSEum (Online)
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Media Launch
Regatta Point Canberra and Region Visitors Centre

Tyronne Bell, Welcome to Country

Introduction by Neil Hobbs

Minister Gordon Ramsay address

Minister Gordon Ramsay address

Artist Fiona Hooton



Commonwealth Place 'East Space' Gallery

5 October 2018

Tom Buckland + Kon Kudo Destructamatic performance 

Curator Neil Hobbs addressing the crowd


Tom Buckland + Kon Kudo
Destructamatic performance 

The crowd interacting with Destructamatic

Tom Buckland + Kon Kudo Destructamatic performance 

Tom Buckland + Kon Kudo Destructamatic performance 

Commonwealth Place 'East Space' Gallery

A happy punter with two pieces of Destructamatic memorabilia

Destructamatic goggles

Curator Neil Hobbs with some of the contour 556 artists.

(L - R, back row)

Frazer Bull-Clark, Rosalind Lemoh, Millan Pintos-Lopez, Mark Booth. Neil Hobbs, Alex Asch, Chris Carmody + Glen Hayward

 (L - R, front row)

Jason Wing + Mariana del Castillo


666 ABC Canberra - Sunday Brunch with Lish Fejer

Broadcast Sun 21 Oct 2018, 10:00am

Interview with Localjinni aka Fiona Hooton

(starts at 35:10 - 43.25)

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666 ABC Canberra - Breakfast with Dan Bourchier

Broadcast: Thu 11 Oct 2018, 5:30am

Interview with artist Gary Deirmendjian

(starts at 1.39.30 – 145.40)

Listen here

666 ABC Canberra - Afternoons with Anna Vidot 

Broadcast: Thu 30 Aug 2018, 2:00pm

Interview with Neil Hobbs and artists Fiona Hooton  + Tom Buckland

Listen here

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