Arone Meeks

Begong Thylacine

Timber, acrylic paint, fur, mixed media

120 cm (w) x 137 cm (h)

Photo courtesy of the artist


Traditionally from Laura, and raised in Yarrabah, Meeks is a saltwater man from the KuKu midiji clan. From his present home in Cairns, he creates works of art that speak to us of cross cultural interaction, relationships, gender, traditional and modern spirituality and his environment.

A proud gay aboriginal man, his extensive accomplishments achieved in study, residencies, commissions, community arts, and public art, certainly attribute to an outstanding career to date, one which will only continue to grow given his passion and determination. His works are testament not only to his skills and talents as a painter, sculptor, and printmaker, but also to his wonderful sense for colour and design that allows his work to shine.

Meeks presently works both in Indigenous Sexual Health and delivering TAFE Cert 3-4 in Aboriginal and Torres Strait “Art Identity and Culture” to remote communities through the Cape and Torres Straits.

“It’s about sharing and connection. I have learnt many new ways of seeing and depicting these interactions into my work, while being able to engage and explore new concepts. This series of new works explore “Country”, racism and politics.”


The connection to Canberra is of its many War memorials in the local landscape and that of the Bogong Moth, which brought many clans together around Canberra. This represented a seasonal change and the arrival of an important food source. 

The hunting boomerang, base shape, is a reference to the many different tribal groups that have also been at war. 

The idea behind this piece relates to recent dialogue about being able to genetically return the Thylacine. In a time of great disparity, suffering and global unrest, can we question reaching into the past to reinvent a beautiful and almost mythical creature.
The Bogong Moth still returns every year, sadly unlike many of the different Mobs.
The boomerang is placed resembling the tick symbol (ref: ticking the box, tick of approval). Also as a reference, Canberra is the seat of approval.

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