Localjinni –casting light on people and their stories of place 
(aka Fiona Hooton and Catrina Vignando)

Lakeside Stories


Twilight Video Walk   

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Stills Localjinni – Lakeside Stories Twilight video walk

Twilight video walk - Bench 
Richard Clough, KingsAvenue Bridge and Kings Avenue completed, Canberra
Courtesy of the National Library of Australia 72460

Stills Localjinni – Lakeside Stories Twilight video walk

Ros Lemoh  When You Fall Softly
(Detail of projected work in Lakeside Stories-twilight video walk)
Courtesy of the artist

Stills Localjinni – Lakeside Stories Twilight video walk

Twilight video walk
Detail from Secret City
Courtesy of Matchbox Pictures


Localjinni’s - Co-directors Fiona Hooton and Catrina Vignando have worked together on a number of exhibitions and large-scale public art commissions. 

Fiona Hooton has worked as an artist and arts worker in galleries, libraries, archives and museums and more recently in arts policy. Over this period she has developed and implemented leading onsite, online and outreach interpretation programs.

Catrina Vignando has worked as an artist, arts manager and curator. This has included managing cultural organisations, delivering national and international arts programs with artists and communities.


Lakeside stories explores artworks and space as a mobile, audience experience. Drawing on the ancient allure of lightshows and combining it with new A/V technology, the tour is designed to maximise audience interaction, through site-specific light drawing, animation and digital story telling.

As a new public art model it will investigate ways to connect people to place and build relationships between artists and the public. An ephemeral art experience it aims to deepen our shared sense of belonging and activate care for the places we live.

The tour will examine ways in which art can influence how the public experiences and remembers space using community storytelling, collection interpretation and creative play.

A night of talks titled, Lakeside stories will be held at CMAG to enable locals to share their stories of place. A selection of these stories (3 -5 min) will then be developed as citizen media projections for inclusion in the tour.

The lake is surrounded by the vast digitised collections of nearby cultural institutions. The tour will incorporate items in these collections to reveal hidden narratives.
Screening onto the many concrete surfaces around the Lake’s Central basin, the tour will adapt urban spaces for creative play.

The concept is informed by:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ connection to Country and the idea that great power can reside in apparently commonplace sites brought to life through language and story 

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