Glen Hayward (NZ)

As if


Pine, paint

DIA Walter De Maria Earth Room ceiling, wood, paint 1200 x 360 x 300 mm

Guggenheim handrail, wood, paint, gold-leaf, 2700 x 300 x 100mm @ 32 degrees 

Guggenheim Pollock paint pot, wood, paint 14 units each 70 x 60 mm diameter  

New Museum Staff only sign, 1000 x 200 mm diameter  

Guggenheim drinking fountain, wood, paint, resin 420 x 560 x 160mm

MOMA janitor closet, wood, routered line, paint, dimensions variable

Photos courtesy of the artist


A series of fortunate events. With the help of many I was able to take an installation of my work to New York in 2017. As a dutiful servant of the demands of cultural experience I journeyed to the institutions known to hold the valuable artefacts of our time. I came back with treasure on my telephone that also doubles as a visual recording device. Like Zizeks imbecile I accepted the language of our creative time but contrary and as a result of my excess…or was it lack, I also sort to take that swipe at the elephant.

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