Harijs Piekalns

Manifest Submersion


Welded and folded 304 ‘Super Mirror’ 1.2 mm stainless steel, ochre, Australian hardwood

Fabricated by Steel 4 You, Queanbeyan, NSW

Photo courtesy of the artist


Harijs Piekalns is currently completing a postgraduate Master of Visual Arts (Advanced) in painting at the ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences, Canberra. His past practice has utilised a variety of techniques including photography, sculpture, holography and site- specific installations.

His practice seeks to combine elements of his Latvian heritage and those of Aboriginal cultures to reflect his sense of place in Australia. He uses Latvian runic symbols as a basis for geometric abstraction. He has been drawn to utilise ochres as pigments in his work and sees each ochre as maintaining a tacit link with the landscape of its origin. Ochre is currency for Aboriginal people and used extensively in a wide range of practical and ceremonial applications. 

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