Kael Stasce



Mirror acrylic sheet, board, enamel paint, steel cables

360 x 240 cm 

photo credit: Sean Davey

Photo courtesy of the artist


Kael Stasce was born in Canberra in 1992. He completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts degree in Honours at the Australian National University in 2014. The same years he became a resident with Canberra Contemporary Art Space (CCAS) and in 2015 he won the Canberra Arts Patrons Organisation (CAPO) Emerging Art Award.

The aim of his practice is to explore the relationship between visual perception and physical experience when viewing works of art. Constructing abstract sculptures and assemblages, Stasce is concerned with the ways in which we view and understand space. His work achieves this by focusing on the transformation of material through paint, perspective and time.


Kael Stasce explores the ways in which space can be read and interpreted. Constructing abstract assemblages and sculptures, the objects used to construct the work range from sheet metal, bike frames, wire, road signs, venetian blinds and discarded or found components. 

By installing the work on the floors and walls he actively involves the surroundings as a formal element to the composition. Windows, shadows, natural lighting and abnormalities become the inspiration, influencing and mimicking the artworks construction. Combining two and three-dimensional elements allows the work to extend or restrict the experience of space, creating a composition that produces bold and dynamic shifts both physically and as an illusion. 

Revision refers to the idea of being neither here nor there. With the purpose of appropriating its surroundings, the mirror finish reflects the environment and adopts the landscapes colour and forms. However, this reflected space becomes an obvious illusion due to the works location, hung high against the contrast of the bridges concrete structure. 

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