Mandy Gunn



Recycled burntout inner tubes shredded and woven, steel x 18 pieces

2nd version but freestanding

steel fabrication by dave rainey

Photo courtesy of the artist


I trained officially as an artist between 1991-2000, attending Monash university as well as the Victorian College of the Arts. During this time I obtained an undergraduate, post graduate and masters degree. Prior to this i had a whole history of weaving, something which has influenced my work ever since.

I have exhibited a variety of work, much of this using recycled materials, all over Australia and a number of overseas venues including taking part in a number of environmental sculpture projects such as the floating land at Noosa.

After working in an indigenous community on Cape York and visiting many other of the well known indigenous art centres, there is no doubt that this, as well as living on an environmentally sensitive coastal property, travelling to Antarctica and through many remote areas of Australia has heightened my response to environmental issues.

My work is represented in many regional galleries, the state library of Queensland, as well as corporate and private collections.

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