Rosalind Lemoh

when you fall softly


HD Video, 1:17

With thanks to Damien Geary and Matthew Nightingale for assistance with production

Thank to CSIRO for access to the collection

Damien Geary (photographer)


Rosalind Lemoh creates sculptural objects, assemblage, light and text-based works that range from miniature to full-body scaled. Replicating parts of the body, fruits, vegetables and found objects using highly detailed silicone rubber moulds, Lemoh skilfully casts new forms in concrete, bronze and aluminium. Life-like casts such as concrete marrow bones and dead magpies conjure sombre meditations, that are drawn from a preoccupation with the still-life genre. In tandem with text-based works, they illuminate a stream-of-consciousness-style narrative. Rosalind is the recipient of numerous grants, was shortlisted for the Woollhara Small Sculpture (2008) and Blake Prize (2008 & 2018) and was selected to exhibit at ArtRooms London and the Tokyo International Art Fair in 2016 which showcases international talent from around the world.

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