Tom Buckland + Kon Kudo



Found objects

Image courtesy of the artists


Tom Buckland is a Canberra based artist. Born and raised in Central Western NSW, Buckland studied fine arts through TAFE Western before moving to Canberra and graduating from the Australian National University School of Art with honours in 2015. With a strong focus on making and materiality, Buckland’s work plays upon audience interaction using installation and sculpture to transport the audience into other worlds that darkly mirror our own reality, questioning contemporary human relationships with technology, animals and the environment. Tom has exhibited work widely across Australia.

Kon Kudo is a Canberra based Artist and circus performer, who is intrigued with many mediums of art and performance. His fascination in having an element of interaction with his audience or his models, usually ends up with a quirky series that tackles his conceptual ideas with humour.

After graduating art school with a major in Photography his artistic style took a turn to focus on installation, commonly using kinetic and interactive elements in his work to encourage the audience to participate with his ideas.

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