Zoe Brand

A fellow member


object + performance

photo credit: Jordan Evans-Tse

photo credit: Andy Mullens


Born in Brisbane, Australia in 1984. Zoe Brand completed an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design at Design Centre, Enmore, TAFE NSW – Sydney Institute. In 2014 Brand completed her Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Gold and Silversmithing at the Australian National University. 2015 She finished her Bachelor of Visual Arts with First Class Honours at the same university. Brand has exhibited in many group shows in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Germany, France and Estonia and her work is held in a number of significant private collections. Brand was also recently the Director of the Personal Space Project, a gallery located in her bedroom.


I see possibility in mundane, everyday throwaway statements. I collect, examine and remove them from conversation and build the text into signs. I like to draw upon the ambiguity of language, of the numerous readings and associations that any one word may possess, as well as how the meaning changes when a work moves from wall to body and back again. This particular work, A fellow member plays on the colloquial and mostly innocuous but often loaded phrase ‘mate’. By giving action to the word though the use of sticky nametags, participation and performance, this work aims to create an interesting conversation around who we are, where we belonging and how we ‘fit in’. Which may or may not end up in a very different place to where it started.  

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